Living and study in Germany

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Living and study in Germany

Good afternoon. Can I live and study in Germany without parents when I'm 15?

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this is not so easy to answer. It depends on the reason why you want to live and study in Germany without your parents.

Basically, you are a minor in Germany when you are 15 years old. So you cannot sign any contracts without a power of attorney from your parents. This is called "restricted legal capacity". You need the signature of a parent or guardian for many forms and applications. For example, when looking for an apartment, the rental contract must be signed by your parents at the end. For this purpose, a power of attorney from your parents is necessary.

If you have any further questions, feel free to get back to me here or send an email to discuss your case in more detail.

Kind regards

Gelöschter Ratsuchende*r 18508
Hi I am Kagan I am German.I

Hi I am Kagan I am German.I live in Turkey and I'm 19 years old.My German mother and Turkish father divorced years ago and they both married and had children now they don't want me also they are really religious and I am not and they don't respect me and my education.

I hate my mother and she hates me too.My father is a drug dealer and he is currently in prison.I am living with my stepmother and she gave me time until the end of the summer to leave her home.


I want to change name to German and reject everything related to my family.I want to learn German and go to a university but I don't have anyone who can help me I don't have money to translate my diploma,a place to sleep or a family.


I'm a good student.I think I can get a scholarship or bafög but I am not talking German for 10 years I need time to remember the language again so shortly I need help about accommodation until I become a student and can use a scholarship.

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