E-mail advice enables you to contact an advisor for just one question, as well as over a longer period of time. You can normally expect an answer within 24 hours (72 hours on weekends). Occasionally, however, it may take longer for a reply to be provided. If this happens, we kindly ask for your understanding.

To use the e-mail advice service, you first need to register and log in. All we need is a working e-mail address from you, that we can use to contact you. You need a username.

Your e-mail will be assigned to an advisor who will remain your contact person if you write to each other frequently. There is no time limit for communications by e-mail. If you wish like to end the e-mail communications, you can do so easily within your personal area. You will then have the opportunity to start a new e-mail advice process at any time. You will then again be allocated to an advisor. You cannot expect to be allocated to the same advisor.

The e-mail advice provided via jmd4you is anonymous and free of charge (except for the costs you incur to provide your internet access). You decide what information you wish to share with our advisors. We do not pass on any information or personal data about you without your express written consent.

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