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You can join the discussion in the public forum at any time. Our qualified advisors oversee the various topics and ensure respectful interaction in the forum community.
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What is mail and chat counseling?

Mail counseling

Mail counseling allows you to carefully express your thoughts within your own time. A designated counselor will accompany you along the way. Read on

Personal mail counseling

Some counselors of Jugendmigrationsdienste offer personal mail counseling. You can find and directly address these counselors via www.jugendmigrationsdienste.de. Go to website

Chat counseling

You can chat in real-time with one of our counselors. You can find out more about our chat counseling appointments here: Read on


You can use the forum to communicate with each other as well as to raise your own specialist topics, which will be answered by our qualified experts. To understand how the forum works, Read on


Do you have any questions regarding mail or chat counseling? You can find our list of frequently asked questions here. Read on

Data privacy

Data protection is very important to us. We guarantee a secure connection to a protected counseling space. Who you are and what you write stays anonymous and protected. Read on